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Conversations With a Genius was created for Entrepreneurs!! We help small business owners become not so small business owners and we do it by chatting with Genius business rockstars and squeezing every drop of genius out of them all for your listening pleasure.
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Mar 30, 2015

Today's genius is Kate Erickson. Kate is the right-hand woman to Entrepreneur on Fire. Kate has been there every step of the way creating a multi million dollar business from a small start up dream in just a couple of years. Kate is also the host and creator of her own show Kate's Take on iTunes.


Kate discusses:


  • How Entrepreneur on Fire went from just a small start to a muti-million dollar business in only a couple of years
  • What she learned in the process
  • How the same principals apply to your business 
Mar 27, 2015

Today's genius is Simon Chan. In 2012, Simon was the #1 distributor for entire North America in his MLM company. Today, Simon is the host of MLM nation, a podcast dedicated to helping other Multi Level Marketers achieve his level of success.


Simon discusses:


  • What it was like representing the first Chinese NBA player
  • His transition from the NBA to Business Coach and Podcaster
  • His secrets for success in your business today





Mar 25, 2015

Today's guest is Brendan Hufford. Brendan is the founder of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clothing brand

Brendan has recently started the entrepreneurs and coffee podcast which has made it to the new and noteworthy category of iTunes.


Brendan discusses:


  • How Jiu Jitsu applies to your business
  • His secrets to mastering your marketing,social media and entrepreneurship
  • How he earns 6 figures in revenue working only 3-5am some nights and weekends
Mar 23, 2015

Today's genius is Amanda Vega. Amanda began her career over 20 years ago as one of the first chat moderators and employees of AOL. She has since built and sold one agency, published a book and co-authored another, and built a consulting firm with more than six locations. Currently Amanda functions as the CEO of her namesake consulting firm which works with agencies and clients in the areas of PR, social media, and online marketing.


Amanda talks about:


  • How Social Media PR costs you less than traditional advertising
  • What the major things you should be looking into when choosing a PR firm for your business
  • How long will it take before you know if your PR is working
Mar 20, 2015

Today's guest is Linsi Brownson. Linsi is the creative sparkplug behind Spark Collaborative. She digs into the minds of small business owners to tease out their unique personality, intention and story that become the nuts and bolts of an artfully crafted and unforgettable brand. 


Linsi discusses:


  • How to make your business unforgettable to your customers
  • Brining business owners back to their roots to refine their image and stand out from the crowd
  • What really motivates customers to buy from you 
Mar 18, 2015

Today's guest is Patrick Conlon. Patrick is Irish and lives in Northern Ireland. He owns an online women’s retail shoe shore called (shoe-for-ric).  Most of his time though is spent helping businesses to correctly set up their amazon, ebay and website selling to maximise sales and allow stock to synchronize across all platforms.


Patrick shares his secrets on:


  • Selling your products online
  • The difference between Amazon and Ebay and what does is mean for your online marketplace
  • The secret to ranking the highest on Amazon


BONUS: How to get rid of extra product AND streamline your online sales



Mar 16, 2015

Today's genius is Jennifer Perry. Jennifer is a former producer/host of her own entertainment shows on cable tv, radio shows, she's even done publicity for HBO Documentaries and Feld Entertainment. She currently has an interactive tele-seminar called Promote This! DIY Publicity For Authors to give authors affordable help in getting their books out of the garage and into the checkout lines.


Jennifer shares her wisdom on:


  • The secret to secret shopping
  • One of the most important characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
  • The magic of having your own book


Mar 13, 2015

Today's genius is David Ralph. David is the host of the daily show "Join Up Dots" where, in the words of the late Steve Jobs, he invites his guests to look back on their lives and reflect.


David discusses:


  • How to extract the best value out of your podcast for your listener base
  • What your aim should be in podcasting to get the results and life you want
  • What about finding your niche that is so important


Mar 11, 2015

Justin Verrengia, better known as the “Hippie Jedi” is a revolutionary Freedom-Preneur, alongside his bombshell wife D, he continues to innovate not only the way things are done with marketing and social media but how our society lives.

Justin has a vision of FREEDOM for all humanity along with a higher purpose to help YOU “Unplug from the matrix“.He and his wife D are inspiring Freedom-Preneurs from all around the world to tap into their higher self and live their dreams.


Justin discusses:


  • What Viral Sustainability is and how it can explode your business
  • Where the biggest advertising opportunity is today and how to master it
  • What the highest form of influence is


Mar 9, 2015

Today's genius is Brad Farris. Brad serves Chicago area businesses face-to-face as a Small Business Advisor at at Anchor Advisors, Ltd., and serves small business owners worldwide through In both capacities, he helps business owners become better at what they do so they can work less, make more money and enjoy life more.


Brad discusses:


  • 2 simple strategies on how to raise prices in your business and work less
  • The big bad secret behind what low prices are really doing to your business
  • What to do if you are afraid of raising prices
Mar 6, 2015

Today's genius is Jeff Howard. Jeff is the co-founder of Winning Sales Habits™ and the architect of the Daily Sales Coach™ online sales training program.  He has held leadership positions at both The Anthony Robbins Companies and Brian Tracy International. Jeff has conducted over 1700 presentations for companies ranging from startups to industry leaders such as American Express. He has spoken to groups as large as 5,000 and has shared the stage with legendary speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Og Mandino.


In today's conversation Jeff discusses:


  • The biggest misconception about building a sales team
  • What kind of person makes the best sales person for your business
  • What old style ideologies have been proven false
Mar 4, 2015

Today's guest is Swami Tirtha. Swami's journey began when he was a freshman in college when tragically both his parents died in a car accident. He attended a campus lecture on meditation found that meditation was the first thing to bring him some inner peace. After graduation he chose to teach meditation and yoga, later adding holistic wellness and even visiting India where he became a monk. 


Swami discusses:


  • What small businesses and corporations are doing that is saving them millions
  • A simple program can you do that will get your employees to contribute more and be more productive
  • What the biggest mistake corporations are making today with regards to their employees


Mar 2, 2015

Today's genius is Thomas Blackwell. Thomas has been speaking and inspiring live audiences for over 10 years. He has an ability to connect with the crowd in a monumental fashion. He knows how to open the audience’s mind through laughter and having fun in order to open their heart so they can make life changing decisions. 


Thomas discusses:


  • How to dominate your market and free you up to follow your passion
  • How you can free yourself from being a slave to your business
  • The biggest mistake small business owners make